Marine Infrastructure

Pontoons, Docks, Jetties

The development of a flood resistant pontoon is well underway and a timely addition to our product range. Watch for the release of this ground breaking design pontoon, dock or jetty facility. If you are thinking of selling your boat because of storage or flood issues think again!

Building on our success in the marine industry has lead us to further develop the potential application of our innovative construction techniques.

Some examples are –

  • Walkways
  • Façades
  • Demountables
  • Suspended Slab/overhangs
  • Mining and Heavy Industry Components
  • Building Industry Components

We are receiving daily enquiries from many sectors of the building and mining industry to adapt our use of material and construction methods to manufacture components previously only produced by more conventional techniques.

Research and Development

At Cure we are dedicated to design excellence, research and innovation all backed by a strong experience in the use of composite materials. We pride ourselves on our development of pioneering construction techniques.

We use these in the construction of all our pontoons, jetties, docks and general mining and construction industry components.

Our close association with composite engineers and the use of CAD systems has all been part of the “Cure Composite” success.

Processes we have developed and refined are-

Manufacturing: Finishing, Painting and assembly of components

Fabricating: Using the finest materials and Techniques

Development: Combining processes with the use of CAD and engineers.

Innovation: New Techniques with the use of infusion and vacuumed bagging process which considerably reduces emissions and improves working environment.

The benefits of using composite materials is emerging and overtaking more conventional less functional materials. Why -

  • Light yet Strong – Weight for strength ratio unsurpassed
  • Longevity – will outlast all other construction materials
  • Affordable – reduces build time and costs
  • Low Maintenance
  • Aesthetically more appealing
  • Allows for a higher degree of styling and superior construction outcome

Design Innovation



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Specialists in Jetty and Pontoon construction, our innovative approach to the use of composite materials is ground breaking and superior.